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ASP.NET Tutorial – 05 – HTML Controls

All HTML elements can be made into HTML server controls. To do this we place them inside the form control and include the runat server attribute. The element now becomes a HTML control that we can manipulate using its id reference. The control in this case is of the HTMLAnchor class. For this class we… Read More »

Tracking Pixels & Retargeting: Explained!

Have you ever been browsing around an online shop, looking for something like shoes, only to then see ads for those shoes on another website like Facebook? That’s pretty creepy! How does Facebook know that you were looking at these shoes? Well, behind the scenes, the webshop owner is using tracking pixels. No, not the… Read More »

Web Development from the Ground Up for Beginners (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python) – 01: Introduction

Hello and welcome to my web development tutorial! This tutorial is designed for complete beginners to be able to create a web app from scratch with the currently existing web technologies. This course will include two parts: the first one is for client side, the thing that shows up in your browser such as buttons,… Read More »

Key Word Research 1) SEO Factor K1 Why long tail keywords bring in better conversions

1 00:00:00,719 –>00:00:07,289 In this lecture, you will learn, why long tail keywords bring in better conversions 2 00:00:07,289 –>00:00:10,330 and lower bounce rate. 3 00:00:10,330 –>00:00:17,929 In general perspective, a keyword is nothing but a word, which has got a great significance. 4 00:00:17,929 –>00:00:19,160 right? 5 00:00:19,160 –>00:00:24,239 But let’s talk from a… Read More »

International Yoga Day stops traffic in India

Now you know the energy has to be good in this place. Thousands of people participated in preparations for International Yoga Day which is celebrated on Sunday 21st of June. The preparations were held at Rajpath, an elegant lawn-bordered boulevard that connects the presidential palace to India Gate. Thousands of school children, members of the… Read More »

Ask Yoast: using same keywords on multiple pages

Hi. Tristan emailed us to [email protected] asking, “What should I do if my phrases contain keywords “I have already optimized pages for? “For example ‘bridal makeup course’ and ‘makeup course’… “Both pages have been optimized with ‘makeup course’ in their keyword phrase, “and they would conflict with each other. What should I do about this?”… Read More »

Export your full page web UI mockups from Illustrator 2017 – Adobe Illustrator CC 2017 [34/45]

Hi, my name is Dan. In this video… we’re going to be using Illustrator to build UI and web graphics. There’s lots of free stuff here on my channel, please subscribe. Hit the little bell next to this subscribe button to get notifications. If you want more, loads more. Check out bringyourownlaptop.com or check out… Read More »