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Digital Marketing Training course In Madhapur | Hyderabad | Hitech City

Digital Marketing Training course In Madhapur | Hyderabad | Hitech City

Hairun testimonial after our SEO certification course

Hi, my name is Hairun. I’ve just attended this SEO course which was conducted by Alan. Actually before I come to this course, I have some basic knowledge about SEO. But after I attended this course, it really showed me the bigger picture how to really structure and strategise your SEO ranking. Currently right now… Read More »

Benny testimonial after attending our SEO training

Hi, I’m Benny. I just attended Alan’s course. I’m doing photography business. I came here so that I can outrank my competitors and be page 1 rank 1. So far just completed the course. I feel that Alan’s course is very informative, very engaging, a lot of hands-on work and I learnt a lot. I… Read More »

Multilingual SEO training by Yoast Academy

Do you need a website in more than one language? Or are you maintaining websites in different languages? Then a good multilingual SEO strategy is a must. A good multilingual site implementation makes sure that your visitors reach the page that suites them best. Written in their language, with the words they would use. The… Read More »

Using subheadings – SEO copywriting training

In this video, we’ll have a look at how you can use subheadings effectively. First, we’ll have a look at why it’s important to use subheadings well. Then we’ll look at how you can best make use of subheadings. So let’s first look at the why. We’ve already seen that if you want to present… Read More »

Impossible Marketing alan koh SEO Course Review by Fazel

Hi everybody, I’m proud to say that my website is on Page 1 Number 1 for the keyword, Massage Chair Singapore. My company is Vivacare, it’s a startup company. In Singapore, there are a lot of other big players in the market. But now we have outranked every one of them especially OSIM and we’re… Read More »

Editing your text for readability – SEO copywriting training

In this video, we’re going to discuss a key aspect of editing a text: auditing your text for words and sentences that make it more difficult to read. Now this sounds very simple, but it can improve your text a lot. Isn’t that what we all like? Quick fixes that you can apply immediately? Well,… Read More »