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Duplicate Content: Tragedy or Fantasy? | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #51】

Years have passed since the topic of duplicate content has generated a series of myths in the SEO community, which still confuse many beginners but also experts. Basically, a content is said to be duplicated when it appears several times on different URLs of blogs, e-commerce or other sites. You must be wondering why it… Read More »

Is the same content posted under different TLDs a problem?

MATT CUTTS: Today’s question comes from Atreyu in Spain who asks, is the same content posted under different TLDs, that’s Top Level Domains, considered content duplication? We are an international company with a similar website in several countries, all in English. So this is pretty interesting. If you had five or six domain names and… Read More »

Keyword Tool & Content Assistant – The Tool That Boosts Your Rankings

Every day you are struggling to gain higher rankings. And it’s getting harder and harder. The off-page ranking factors, such as backlinks, are not under your direct control. But content is! Nowadays you either craft content that is unique and topically relevant or you won’t appear in the top search results. Introducing cognitiveSEO’s Keyword Tool… Read More »

Will I be penalized for hidden content if I have text in a “read more” dropdown?

Today’s question comes from Jim. Jim asks, “Regarding hidden content, my site has a ‘Read More’ dropdown window to coexist with the simplistic design elements. The box contains optimized content, keyword anchor text linking deeper into the site, et cetera. Will I be penalized for this? Alternatives?” So here are the things to be aware… Read More »

Realtime Reports

Google Analytics Real-Time reports literally show you how many people are on your website right now. Second-by-second, it will update and tell you how many people, where they came from, and what content they’re looking at. There two primary use cases for real-time data. First, if you’re doing any type of social media marketing you… Read More »

How to A/B Test with Google Tag Manager

– [Julian] In this video, I’m going to show you can use Google Tag Manager to conduct simple A/B Tests and measure the results within Google Analytics. All the more, coming up right after this. Okay, today our journey starts at this next Webpost by Simon Vreeman. Together with Martijn Scheijbeler they developed an A/B… Read More »

Low Monthly Search Volume Keyword Targeting: It’s Worth It! 👍

Hands up, who hates doing something only to find out it’s a COMPLETE waste of time? Well, when it comes to SEO, the thought of spending your time working away on something with a really low monthly search volume can seem like a waste But guess what? It’s not. Let me tell you why… Get… Read More »

How To Think About SEO Content Silos – Advanced SEO Marketing Website Strategy

Highly organized content and intentional internal linking and lay the foundation for getting your website ranked for a desired keyword, terms or phrases. Since content silos are so important for your online marketing strategy, it is crucial that you get the organization correct the first time to do this. Consider how a farmer processes and… Read More »