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Vortex Marketing Minute | Top 10 SEO Tips 7 & 8 | Duplicate Content Cleanup & Site Maps

Hi I’m Jonathan Sabin, Chief Visionary Officer and CEO of Vortex Business Solutions. We’re a full-service web design, SEO and visual digital marketing firm. In today’s Marketing Minute we’ll continue with the top 10 onboard SEO tips number seven and eight. Here goes number seven, duplicate content cleanup. Google rewards sites that provide unique, useful… Read More »

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Most of you already know by now how much I love content marketing. I’ve been practicing it, preaching it, writing books on content strategy and marketing since 2011. I believe in content marketing and a smart content strategy because, simply put, it works. If you want to build a real audience online, content marketing is… Read More »

Cursus SEO – deel 1 – SEO en Content Marketing

Welkom bij deze videoserie over SEO en Content Marketing. Ik ben Olaf Geysendorpher in deze serie leg ik de basis voor jouw Content Marketing Strategie. Ofwel: hoe krijg ik mijn website hoger in Google? Je kunt deze video zien als een korte cursus Content Marketing of als een korte opleiding Content Marketing. We gaan met… Read More »

The Myth That Duplicate Content Will Hurt Your SEO

Hey guys! Savanna Bell here with My Massage World and I wanted to bust a myth for you guys today. And yes, I kind of have a dog in this fight, so to speak, because I’ve heard people rail against my business and others like it saying it’s of no use…so let me explain. There’s… Read More »

Module 2 Lesson 2 – SEO Content Template

Hello again! In this lesson, I will show you how to use the SEO Content Template tool. It was designed to help you create templates for SEO-friendly pieces of content that will bring traffic to your website. Just enter your target keywords, and you will immediately receive recommendations on how to create the relevant content.… Read More »

Best Black Hat SEO Tutorials Hindi / URDU – Digital learning 44

Say No to Black Hat SEO keyword stuffing , hidden tags , Irrelevant keywords, linking over optimisation Content Scams Content Automation Cloaking Explanation in hindi Link Manipulation web ring SEO tutorials guest post spam link farm seo why not to buy cheap backlinks crooked sites , Doorway seo tutorials duplicate content penalty seo tutorials say… Read More »

How To Use Content Silos For Your SEO Strategy – Advanced SEO Marketing Website Strategy

If you want to rank in search engines for specific keywords and you need to do everything you can to beat your competition, a highly structured website is one way to do this and you should organize content on your site using content silo. Grouping similar content into silos will help cement your rankings for… Read More »

Mit SEO-Überschriften Suchmaschinen-Ranking verbessern!

Hey zusammen, ich bin Anna aus dem SEO-Team von MSO Digital. Heute erzähle ich euch, warum Überschriften so wichtig für Mensch und Suchmaschine sind – und wie ihr sie richtig einsetzt. Überschriften beziehungsweise Headlines kennen wir häufig aus dem klassischen Printbereich. Inwieweit spielen also Überschriften eine Rolle in der Onlinewelt? Und wieso haben Überschriften etwas… Read More »

Canonical Tags – SEO for Duplicate Content

Hi Guys, I am Swati from Ungrammary. Generally, people say Google penalizes for duplicate content but they hardly know what duplicate content is exactly and why Google penalizes for it. So in this video, I’ll be telling you about duplicate content and the legitimate ways to avoid such penalties. Let’s see. To understand this first… Read More »

Quality vs Quantity – Content Writing Tips for Blog Posts

If you’ve ever tried to start a blog for you or your business, you’ve likely asked yourself this question. Is it better to publish a large number of articles, or spend your time on writing one, large, quality-focused article. While you might have a good idea what the answer might be, there’s a few things… Read More »