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The future of computing: a conversation with John Hennessy (Google I/O ’18)

Did Google Just Achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’?

Quantum computers are on the horizon, and they’ve been stuck there for quite some time. All the theoretical advantages they promise over classical computers, like speeding up drug development, helping to manufacture room temperature superconductors, and cracking encryption remain just that: theoretical. However, a leaked paper from Google claims that for the first time a… Read More »

M4ML – Linear Algebra – 5.7 Introduction to PageRank

[MUSIC] The final topic of this module on Eigenproblems, as well as the final topic of this course as a whole, will focus on an algorithm called PageRank. This algorithm was famously published by and named after Google founder Larry Page and colleagues in 1998. And was used by Google to help them decide which… Read More »