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[이산가족 Eng c.c] 80년대 콤퓨-타로 이산가족을?

(How early adopters reunited in the 80s) (How did they find missing family back then?) Making computers mainstream, the “LG Famicom” We have Bang Juyeon here with us. (Look, it’s a singer!) What brings you here tonight? I am also from a divided family. I’ve been lazy in the past, but I’ve finally made it… Read More »

5 of the Most Important Inventions in Robotics

[Music] in the 1960s unum 8 became the first digital and programmable robot to replace humans in an industrial factory in 1961 it was installed at General Motors and it carried out assembly line tasks that were dangerous for humans like picking up hot metals you know mate was basically a big mechanical are much… Read More »

Meet Asuka Hatano — Modeling the heart with simulations

My name is Asuka Hatano, I am working in the Izumi-Hatano Lab at The University of Tokyo. I study computational simulation of biological phenomena related to the heart and circulatory system. I was fascinated by this field when I [found out] about the human genome project in my high school years. I got a bachelors… Read More »

Why Google won’t protect you from big brother: Christopher Soghoian at TEDxSanJoseCA 2012

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Denise RQ My name is Christopher Soghoian, and I’m a privacy researcher. In particular, I study the surveillance state that we now live in. Not exactly the theme that’s happened today. If you look in Hollywood movies, cop shows on TV, we see a single vision of surveillance. We see surveillance… Read More »

The 7 Creepiest Catfish In History 👁️ | MTV Ranked

– [Max] Hello. – Hey. – [Max] Hi, I’m Max. – I’m Tracie. – Hey Tracie. (laughing) – Oh my gosh. This is so cool. (laughing) – Okay, so. – How are these moments of feeling like a complete chump? (suspenseful music) What if she stands us up? – It’s possible. – That would be… Read More »

HTTP, HTML, CSS – Intro to Computer Science – Harvard’s CS50 (2018)

[MUSIC PLAYING] DAVID J. MALAN: This is CS50. And today, we transition from the world of C and, with it, pointers and some of the struggles that you might have felt over the past few weeks to a more familiar world, that of web programming. I’m using web browsers and mobile devices and laptops and… Read More »

Resolving Issues in Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 8) | HP Computers | HP

Are you are having problems connecting to the Internet with Internet Explorer 11? This video provides troubleshooting tips for resolving the most common issues. Microsoft routinely updates its software to fix known issues and improve performance. Before you begin, make sure you have installed the latest updates from Microsoft. From the Start screen, type Update… Read More »

Nev & Max’s 9 Craziest ‘Catfish’ Meltdowns | MTV Ranked

– [Niev] Did you just completely forget everything we just said to you about you appearing like a total (bleep) head, and then as we’re leaving, you make like a jest-ful remark? “Miss you all?” – No. – Dude. Like, you really seem like a huge (bleep) head. – So, let me just get this… Read More »