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Live PD: Best of Richland County, South Carolina | A&E

Live PD: Best of El Paso, Texas Police Department | A&E

Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

34, what’s your 20? All right, he’s going left the center now, so we’re going to stop him. OFFICER (ON RADIO): Dispatch received. The driver keeps reaching over to the right. Afternoon, sir. Officer with Jeff Police. Reason I stopped you, you keep driving left the center. Is everything OK? DRIVER: Oh, yeah, I’m using… Read More »

Cup of Coffee | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official

What’s Gone Wrong? | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Hello nice picnic Club We see Custer Oh Right a Omiya the rockery please go Please go here and these go there Oh Something’s still not right? Oh no. Oh They’re lovely Well, you’re now on my yard Cheerio Oh Oh Roxy We did okay, it’s Roxy My funny man stay by my side My… Read More »


*Massive ACTUAL earrape warning* SUBSCRIBE TO NACA FIRE AND SECURITY *Slav music* EARRAPE WARNING : 3 2 1 Moscow, Moscow Throw the glasses at the wall Russia is a beautiful country HAHAHAHAHA Tovarishch the Gopnik Engine incoming *Beat drops harder than when you drop your vodka* Sleeping at work You can’t do that *Truly Slav… Read More »