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[GRWM] Little Women ‘Jo’ Makeup ASMR / Costume ASMR

Hello everyone. judyasmr. Today’s video is a Makeup video for recently uploaded Little Women ‘Joe’ ASMR. First of all, I will use ‘VDL perfect lasting Foundation’ as a foundation. With a diamond-shaped sponge I’ll put it on. Apply it every corner. I got scared on my cheek. Compact powder is ‘Innisfree Mineral Pact – color… Read More »

Magenta Is All In Your Head

[♩INTRO] The world is full of colors. Some vibrant, some dull, and some… that are all in our heads. In fact, you’re looking at a color on-screen right now that, in a sense, doesn’t even exist. Unlike virtually all other colors, there’s no wavelength of light to describe it, but we see it anyway. It’s… Read More »

Bright As The Sun (Official Lyric Video)- Hillsong Worship

O how sweet did You gaze On my perilous heart To befriend me to my bitter end And carry the burden For as graven my failure You prevailed in pure love To be found in the depths of Your heart As good as forgiven O how You graced that cross Where Jesus died and death… Read More »

Photoshop Tutorial Web Design Simple Banner

First create a new document (Ctrl + N) Set color code 7e7e7e on Foreground Color Use the Paint Bucket Tool. Click to provide color If too fast, you can select the speed at 0.25 or 0.5 Change the color in Foreground Color Go to View>Show>Grid. The Grid is the perfect alignment tool for graphic design… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 08 – Horizontal Rule

The horizontal rule is used to separate sections of a document. To adjust it we have four deprecated attributes: size, width, noshade, and align, as well as the color attribute which is not supported in all browsers. The standard rule is drawn across the full width of the page. To adjust the length we can… Read More »

Web Page Color Contrast: Web Accessibility Manual Checks

It is important for web pages to provide a sufficient visual contrast ratio of at least 5 to 1 between text and background colors to ensure that visually impaired users can still use them. The color contrast analyzer can be used to test color contrast. This is how to check a webpage for appropriate color… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 05 – Colors

Colors in HTML can be specified either by using a hexadecimal notation or by typing the name of the color. The hexadecimal notation uses a red-green-blue triplet, prefixed by a hash mark (#). Hexadecimal means base-16 counting, so valid digits are 0 through 9 and A through F. Each value can range from 00 to… Read More »