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Brennan, Josh, & Zac’s Impression Challenge Returns | Game Changer [Full Episode]

– [Sam] Get ready for a Game Changer! Tonight’s guests, strutting in like he owns the place, it’s Josh Ruben! – Uh-huh, yeah, I own the place. – [Sam] And worried he’s going to break something in a museum, it’s Zac Oyama. (Josh laughs) And two kids in a trench coat, it’s Brennan Lee Mulligan.… Read More »

The Game Show of Nerdy Corrections (Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Star Trek)

(upbeat techno music) – From Booster Packs to Booster Gold, nerds like a lot of things, but there’s something they love above all else, and that is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (upbeat game show music) And joining us today we have returning, Shane Crown. – Happy to be here. – [Host] We have,… Read More »

The Gruesome Truth About Parasites [Full Episode]

– [Narrator] Hey, kids. Remember, everything you’re about to learn is real. ♪ Look at all the wonders ♪ ♪ That a single class can find ♪ ♪ If they decide to shut their mouth ♪ ♪ And open up their eyes ♪ ♪ Sex and shit and crime and pain ♪ ♪ All this… Read More »

The True Messed Up Story of Pocahontas | Adam Ruins Everything

(upbeat music) – The real story of Pocahontas is way darker than the animated movie. Let’s start at the top. While it’s true that Pocahontas was the daughter of a powerful chief, she would never have been romantically involved with John Smith. – In this new world, I will find not only adventure, but also… Read More »

Happy Birthday: You’re Not Special

(upbeat music) – Happy birthday, babe. – Oh, thank you. Hun, that is so sweet. – What the hell? – What, I read it. What else am I supposed to do with it? – I guess that’s a good point. Excuse me, sir, it’s my girlfriend’s birthday. – Guilty, I’m the birthday girl. – Are… Read More »

The Wrong Way to Reveal Your Pregnancy Test | HOT DATE

(neon sign buzzing) – What’s up? – Nothing. Keep eating. – Did you do something to my food? – There might be a little surprise in there. – Oh, what’s that? – What is it? – Is that a pregnancy test? What the fuck? – Surprise! I’m not pregnant. – What the fuck? – I’m,… Read More »

Um, Actually: Bigger, Longer, and Wronger [Full Episode]

(upbeat jingle) – From Aragorn to Aragog, nerds are passionate about a lot of things. But there’s something they love above all else. That is correcting people. This is Um, Actually. (peppy music) Joining us today, Ally Beardsley. – Hey. – Adam Conover. – Hello. – [Host] And Alice Wetterlund. (laughs) – Now the game… Read More »

If Google Was A Guy (Full Series)

– Next. (upbeat music) Hello, there. – Is today tomorrow New Zealand? – Yes. – Foot same length Europe? – What? – Inch same length Europe. – Gmail.com. – Oh, god. – What is bitcoin? – Butt hole! (laughs) Gross fat butt hole dick poop. – Is that what kids are into these days? (boy… Read More »

If Google Was A Guy (Part 2)

Next I said next Why mile length? okay Cream cheese is cheese? Wait do you still wanna know abo- Avocado pit huge why? Okay. Don’t speak in these weird haikus How to tell if pregnant? Oh boy. How to tell if- tell if pregnant? Jennifer! Local mosque Seattle NSA. Don’t mind me. How to pronounce… Read More »