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The Try Guys Play Beer Pong With Gross Drinks

– Watch the bows. – Watch the bows, dad, watch the bows, dad. (dramatic music) – Yes! – It’s like boba, but instead of boba, it’s pickles. – (groans) – (Whips) – Welcome to Weird Pong, the game where we play to see who has to drink what mysterious, gross liquid that is in all… Read More »

CAREERS IN DIGITAL MEDIA – Bachelor Degree,Certification Course,NIIT,DMI,Web Analytics,Jobs

hello all this is devyani from freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in DIGITAL MEDIA With advent of technology and advancement of information dissemination, the world of news and entertainment now is powered by the web. The career option in Digital Media… Read More »

Branding Your Business and Letting People Know Who You Are

JAKE NYMAN: Thanks Tom, appreciate it. So thanks for taking the time to come today. We’re a little light, but that’s OK. We’ll still have fun no matter what. I’m going to be talking about effective marketing and creating a marketing campaign that engages your audience. I have about 43 slides, and some videos, and… Read More »