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“What is mandatory to have on my iOS dev blog, website, or channel?”

Caio: Next question, “what is mandatory to have…” “on my iOS dev website, blog or channel?” Number one, amazing content, of course. Your contact details, so other developers or companies can talk to you. So, your email address should be there… your social media links. Maybe even a phone number if that makes sense to… Read More »

How to add video to your WordPress website

Do you want to add video to your website? If you’re in a personality-based business, like a coach or a real estate agent, having a video on your website is really important so that you can let potential clients know exactly who you are. I’m Brighton West and today on Subscriber Nation, I’ll show you… Read More »

Building Your Business By Outsourcing Series Two of Three

This is Anthony Flatt and you’re listening to the business at the speed of cell podcast Fargo edition welcome to the business at the speed of cell podcast where you learn how to accelerate the growth of your online and offline businesses profits and personal income tune in daily to get the debt tricks and… Read More »