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How Nuxt simplifies Vue.js development

– So we’re still here at the Prismic studio, and in the first video we talked with Sébastien Chopin about Vue.js. – Yeah – Right? And we discussed how it is easy to start with because you can start like, more or less you said like jQuery. – jQuery, ya. – And then you add… Read More »

Setting up Google Analytics for Webflow sites – SEO tutorial

Google Analytics gives us valuable information about user behavior and interaction. For websites, these include powerful metrics like how many users and pageviews we’re getting, how long people are spending on the site…how many of them are leaving the page without clicking other links. And it’s interesting and sometimes really helpful to see where a… Read More »

What is SEO? JargonE

Hello and welcome to this episode of JargonE today we’re going to talk about SEO or search engine optimization. So what is SEO? Well basically it’s a name for a collective group of tactics and techniques to make your website appear in unpaid or organic search results on google bing or yahoo. SEO is most… Read More »

SEO Maximizer Overview – FlipperSD CMS

Hi welcome to the Pen Publishing Interactive FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS video. In this video I’m going to give you an overview of SEO Maximizer. SEO Maximizer is a powerful easy to use search engine optimization tool developed specifically for FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS. Let’s get started. If your website currently runs on FlipperSiteDeveloper you have SEO tools at… Read More »

3 best SEO practices for a fast-loading e-commerce site

3 best SEO practices for a fast-loading e-commerce site To ensure your site is always ranked highly by search engines, make sure you follow market trends and always have a grasp on challenges surrounding algorithm changes. Ever since the boom of smartphones and mobile browsing, search engines have been adapted to rank up sites that… Read More »

What is Joomla!

Joomla is one of world’s most popular software packages. It is a fully-featured, fully-customisable website creation and management tool. Used by millions of individuals, businesses, and organizations all across the world. Downloaded over 100 million times and powering over 2 million active websites. Joomla has won multiple best CMS awards. With almost 10,000 extensions Joomla… Read More »

Using Fetch as Google – SEO tutorial

Fetch as Google, part of the Google Search Console, lets you simulate how Google will render a published page, and it’ll also let you submit your pages to Google’s index. The goal of course being, to get your site or changes to your site up on Google as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now Google’s… Read More »

verify the ownership of your Webflow site – SEO tutorial

Google Verification lets us verify ownership of a particular property (like a website or an app) with Google. Once we’re verified, we’re able to submit our property to Google so it can get listed in their search index. This, of course, is the preferred way to do it, even though Google might stumble across your… Read More »

301 redirects for beginners – SEO tutorial

301s can change your life forever — if you’re setting up a new webpage or even a full website — especially if you have a different structure. Maybe you’ve reorganized, or maybe you’re replacing the full site and it’s not practical to use the same URLs, or maybe you’ve moved domains completely — or locked… Read More »

SEO Webinar with BrightEdge: How to Leverage User Micro-Moments to Maximize Your Brand Visibility

Jonny Waite: Hi everyone. This is Jonny Waite of Direct Agents. I’m the SEO lead over here. With me today, I have Brian Herskowitz from BrightEdge, and we’re going to be getting into a little bit more of an expansive intro in a second. But while people are signing in, I thought I would take… Read More »