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3D web design for beginners – Webflow CSS tutorial

Before we get to three dimensions, let’s talk about the first two. Of course, that means we’re talking about horizontal motion along our X-axis, and vertical motion along our Y-axis. Most of the content on the web is made up of two-dimensional elements: Properties that relate to width and height: 200 pixels wide, 400 pixels… Read More »

Element hierarchy, nesting, and style cascading – Web design tutorial

Hierarchy is one of those funny words which came from the Germans. Literally translated from 15th-century text, it means: “website levels.” In our Webflow projects, we’ll talk about hierarchy in three ways: 1. How objects nest inside of one another and become parents, children, siblings. 2. How text styling passes down through this hierarchy. …and… Read More »

Padding & Margin (Spacing) – Web design tutorial (using the Old UI)

Padding and margin can add space or breathing room inside or outside of an element’s boundary. Padding creates space on the inside, while margin creates space on the outside. Let’s explore four different aspects of padding and margin: Individual Sides, Complementary Sides, All Sides, and then Negative Margin. Let’s start with Individual Sides. Here’s a… Read More »

Using sections in web design – Webflow tutorial

When we’re talking about the structure and the layout of any particular page, sections play a huge role. When organizing our content, sections keep everything neatly divided, like chapters in a book. And we’re going to look at sections in two ways: in the Navigator, and on the Canvas itself. As we already know, the… Read More »

Google Shopping – How can you improve traffic acquisition

Google Shopping – How can you improve traffic acquisition? Build a successful traffic acquisition strategy Search has dramatically changed over the years and we are now shifting from an analog keyword-based model towards a model which is heavily data-based. While Google Shopping campaigns were traditionally managed at a category or even global level, we are… Read More »

Pagina attributes | Concrete5 Explained

To set the attributes, click on the gear in the top left (page settings icon). You then choose attributes. A page has different attributes. In the menu on the left you can click one and it will appear with the options on the screen. View the description for further explanation about each attribute used in… Read More »

How Nuxt simplifies Vue.js development

– So we’re still here at the Prismic studio, and in the first video we talked with Sébastien Chopin about Vue.js. – Yeah – Right? And we discussed how it is easy to start with because you can start like, more or less you said like jQuery. – jQuery, ya. – And then you add… Read More »

Setting up Google Analytics for Webflow sites – SEO tutorial

Google Analytics gives us valuable information about user behavior and interaction. For websites, these include powerful metrics like how many users and pageviews we’re getting, how long people are spending on the site…how many of them are leaving the page without clicking other links. And it’s interesting and sometimes really helpful to see where a… Read More »

What is SEO? JargonE

Hello and welcome to this episode of JargonE today we’re going to talk about SEO or search engine optimization. So what is SEO? Well basically it’s a name for a collective group of tactics and techniques to make your website appear in unpaid or organic search results on google bing or yahoo. SEO is most… Read More »

SEO Maximizer Overview – FlipperSD CMS

Hi welcome to the Pen Publishing Interactive FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS video. In this video I’m going to give you an overview of SEO Maximizer. SEO Maximizer is a powerful easy to use search engine optimization tool developed specifically for FlipperSiteDeveloper CMS. Let’s get started. If your website currently runs on FlipperSiteDeveloper you have SEO tools at… Read More »