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How To Translate Subtitles Titles Descriptions (FREE 2019)

If you are watching this video to find a way to translate your video titles, descriptions, and subtitles into any language for free.. stay tuned! Hi everyone, we are the WindyCityTwins and if you are new here we want to thank you for checking us out. We focus on helping people by sharing what we… Read More »

How Captions Assist Video SEO: Beet TV & 3Play Media Interview

Our mission is to make video accessible, searchable, more engaging, and SEO friendly through innovative captioning, transcription, and translation solutions. The beauty of having video and text together is that you can reach a very large audience. People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can consume the video. People who want to follow along at their… Read More »

SEO Embed Video Tutorial

[UPBEAT MUSIC] Hi. I’m Sofia from 3Play Media. When I need the answers to a question quickly, I usually just ask Google. But Google can’t do everything. For example, Google can’t watch videos on your website. Since Google can’t watch videos, it can’t index the important content that’s contained within them. With our easy-to-use SEO… Read More »

Youtube Closed Captions for SEO

>>YAN HUANG: Many of you guys have used YouTube before, especially if you are watching this YouTube video. While a lot of you guys have probably also uploaded a video in the past… and if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or even your own personal videos, many times, what I’ve seen people do is… Read More »

YouTube SEO Study: Captions Lead to More Views

BRAD ELLIS: We did an experiment with one partner a year ago, and saw just by captioning videos in the same language– they were English videos with English captions– we did a scientific AB test, saw a 4% increase in traffic and views and watch time on YouTube. And then imagine what that could be… Read More »

SEO Benefits of Video Translation

SHANNON MURPHY: Hi, everyone. This is Shannon. Thanks for joining us. I’m happy to be here advising on video SEO, specifically for translation. You’re going to hear me mention video transcripts quite a bit, and that is because Google can’t view images or videos. We have to use text to tell search engines what these… Read More »