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What is Cloaking in SEO in hindi ?Cloaking in SEO in hindi | Digital Learning 44

What is Cloaking How to Avoid Cloaking Cloaking Explanation with diagram

Is serving Googlebot a transcript in place of a video considered to be cloaking?

We have an interesting question from Jeremy in Chicago. Jeremy asks: Hi Matt. Is serving a word-for-word text transcript in place of a video to Googlebot considered a negative form of cloaking which could result in a penalty? So I’ll talk specifically about the web search rankings. I think Google News might say, OK, if… Read More »

What Is Cloaking and How Does It Affect SEO?

Hi, I’m Bruce Clay, and this is the Ask Us Anything series. After running my website through your single page analyzer, I received a warning message saying that my website failed the cloaking test. What is cloaking and how does it affect my SEO? Cloaking has been around for a very, very long time. It… Read More »


MATT CUTTS: Hi, everybody. It’s Matt Cutts. And we’re back to talk a little bit about cloaking today. A lot of people have questions about cloaking. What exactly is it? How does Google define it? Why is it high risk behavior? All those sorts of things. And there’s a lot of HTML documentation. We’ve done… Read More »

Googlebot: SEO Mythbusting

A lot of confusion revolves around SEO because no one understands how the Googlebot actually works. Hello and welcome to another episode of SEO myth busting. With me today is Suz Hinton from Microsoft. Suz, What do you do at work? And what is your experience with front-end and SEO? So right now I’m doing… Read More »