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A Toast to 15 Years

Nice to see you guys I’m going to play Free Bird now. Everyone! A toast. To 15 years of World of WarCraft. We met many years ago on a dusty road. You, a humble priest and me a feeble rogue. We were the weakest of the weak the lowest of the low. But when we… Read More »

Shiva Ka Insaaf – Jackie Shroff | Poonam Dhillon – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Greetings Lawyer sir. – Greetings. Ramu uncle, did you see my Bholu anywhere? No lawyer sir, l haven’t. You haven’t? Then where is he? Bholu, son Bholu. Did you see? Bhola hasn’t returned yet, has he? All this is due to your pampering. Whenever l scold him, you hide him in your lawyer coat.. Your… Read More »

Hockey Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude, perfect. [CHIME DINGS] Banger! Let’s go! So panda is going to sit in the chair. You rip one from here. Goes off the ramp, hits the bottle on his head. This is great. I love this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHTER] Time for the Win a Car Shot from the far blue line. Here we go. [CHIME… Read More »

Anand – Hindi Full Movie – Rajesh Khanna & Amitabh Bachchan – Hindi Hit Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Writers in our country are improving day by day. Formerly they used to come for the literary meet on cycles… but now they arrive by cars. l owned a cycle too last year… but l had to sell it off to publish my novel. Let’s go – Yes. Respected chairman, Dr. Baneriee,… Dr. Kulkarni and… Read More »

When Harry Met Sally — Breaking Genre Conventions

Hi, I’m Michael. This is Lessons from the Screenplay. For a long time, I assumed When Harry Met Sally was just another romantic comedy. I knew that it had some famous scenes… “Yes!” “Yes!” “Yes!” …and some famous lines. “I’ll have what she’s having.” But otherwise it probably wasn’t that special. And then I saw… Read More »