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LeBron James’s China Remarks, Gina Rodriguez’s N-Word Backlash & Google’s Pixel 4 | The Daily Show

The conflict between the NBA and China over the Hong Kong protests continued this week. But now, King James has stepped into the fray. MAN: In Hong Kong tonight, basketball superstar LeBron James under fire, his famed jersey up in smoke. Furor growing over his response to this tweet sent by Houston Rockets’ general manager… Read More »

China’s Obsession with Mink Coats

China’s MMA Club for Poor and Orphaned Boys

Hey guys, this is Christine from VICE’s Brooklyn office. Our colleagues in China spent some time with ENBO Fight Club. An MMA group who’s founder trained and supported orphans and children from an impoverished region in Tibet. We followed the shy, but tough MMA fighter, Banma as he prepares for his next competition. Stay tuned.… Read More »

How to install Google apps on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro

hi guys it’s Toddy here from tech advisor and the other day I unboxed the huawei mate 30 pro now a lot of you asks that we show you how to put Google Play services on this device because it doesn’t come with them out the box we’re gonna do exactly that right now so… Read More »

Google Maps is Different in Other Countries

In 2010 Nicaragua invaded Costa Rica. When asked why they’d seized territory, they claimed it belonged to them…. On Google Maps. Who did Costa Rica turn to first? Nicaragua? The United Nations? No They went straight to Google, because in the eyes of the world Google Maps has become the de facto world map. Despite… Read More »

Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

This video is sponsored by Audible! Listen to a free audiobook with the link in the description. Every year, about 60 million people visit mainland China from around the world. Mostly, to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. These, not coincidentally, are unofficially known as Tier One cities – they have large urban populations, fast-growing economies,… Read More »

China Strikes Back Against America! | China Uncensored

China strikes back against the US No Trade Deal till 2020? And the Chinese Communist Party’s new nemesis is… Batman?! That and more on this week’s China Uncensored. This is China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. This week’s China news headlines! …has been sponsored by Surfshark. Because if you’re interested in the kind of subversive news… Read More »

Park Hang-seo’s Vietnam beats Guus Hiddink’s China in an U-22 match

Park Hang-seo coached Vietnam to a 2-0 victory over Guus Hiddink’s China in an U-22 friendly on Sunday. Vietnamese striker Nguyen Tien Linh shined, scoring both goals in the match in Hubei Province. It was a meaningful victory for Park… as the Dutch coach was his mentor when they worked closely on the coaching board… Read More »