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Goat story 2 with Cheese | Full Animaton Movie | English Family Cartoon | Free Animated movie

This jesus really defined my faithful har sir my taste buds are dancing all over my tongue Take a look yeah, oh please I don’t deserve such an honor ah Don’t be bashful every time you know makes you more of a person yeah indeed indeed That’s the finest tongue I’ve ever seen your highness… Read More »

Google Maps is Different in Other Countries

In 2010 Nicaragua invaded Costa Rica. When asked why they’d seized territory, they claimed it belonged to them…. On Google Maps. Who did Costa Rica turn to first? Nicaragua? The United Nations? No They went straight to Google, because in the eyes of the world Google Maps has become the de facto world map. Despite… Read More »

Shaq’s Babysitting Gig Led to His Google Riches

Please welcome the one and only Shaq! [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. Hi. [CHEERING] Hi. Hi. It’s good to see you. Nice to see you. So you– [CHEERING] They didn’t know you were here. This is a surprise to them. Oh, they didn’t know? Yeah, they had no idea. [CHEERING] This is like– what is this… Read More »

Bob The Train | Wheels on the train | Wheels on the bus | Kids Songs and Rhymes Bob the train

Do you want to take a ride around the town? Yes Then hop on aboard! The wheels on the train go round and round, Round and round, Round and round, The wheels on the train go round and round, All through the town! The horn on the train goes toot, toot, toot, Toot, toot, toot,… Read More »

Rock Scissors Paper #4 | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Rock scissors paper Rock scissors paper One, two, three Play with me Right hand…SCISSORS Left hand…SCISSORS Two plus two equals four Rock scissors paper Rock scissors paper One, two, three Play with me Right hand…PAPER Left hand…SCISSORS Five plus two equals seven Rock scissors paper Rock scissors paper One, two, three Play with me Right… Read More »

A child’s world of traffic

You are about to enter another world. It’s a place where everything seems the same and yet it’s somehow very very different. In the interests of road safety and education, for the sake of the ones you hold most dear, take a moment to enter the parallel universe where children actually live. It may just… Read More »

Twins’ House – Duo’s laugh marketing [The Return of Superman / 2017.02.05]

(The winter rain presses people.) I think it’s raining. Oh, dear. What if people don’t come to buy the books? Seojun, will we be able to sell all our books? Yes. (Seojun is deeply worried.) Seoeon, I have a good idea. If we play around, people will come for a laugh. (That’s true!) Look. If… Read More »

Seo Janghoon is Seo Sweet [Trio’s Childcare Challenge/ENG/2019.10.16]

Hello. Hello. (Huh Gak is here.) (Goodness) He showed up again. (His appearance was a hot topic.) Huh Gak is busy taking care of his kids. (Gura meets his favorite person again.) Hey, you’re so… You look like brothers. Gak, I heard that you won the competition. – Hello. / – Hi. (He won during… Read More »

Sian tries to explain pepper at a Thai market![The Return of Superman/2018.03.25]

Something smells delicious. There are many interesting items. I will buy you something tasty today. Mom asked us to buy something. 10 eggs. What’s “Egg” in English? – Egg. / – Egg. It’s egg. 10 is “Sip”. If you say “Sip”, they will understand. – Sip. / – Sip. Sian, you will buy pepper. Pepper.… Read More »

Jam Jam meets Seoeon and Seojun [The Return of Superman/2019.07.28]

The Return of Superman, Episode 287. “You’re My Flower”. (A quiet studio in Seoul) There is a quiet studio in the middle of the city. Which family will be visiting this place today? (A mysterious woman appears.) It’s a woman in red. She’s holding flowers. Who could she be? She looks beautiful from behind. (Who… Read More »