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SEO Tutorial | SEO and Anchor Text

In this next tip, we�re going to look at �anchor text�. Anchor text is one of the more important on-site SEO factors. So, what is it? Well. Here I�ve got a page on my website and you�ll notice I�ve got a link here. Now the link just simply says �SEO training�. That is the text… Read More »

SEO Tutorials for Beginners | SEO and Over-optimization

In this SEO tip, I just want to draw your attention to the fact that you can get penalised for over optimising your website. Where the line is, is hard to say, but if you do no SEO optimisation on your website, then the website will not be found very well, but certainly if you… Read More »

SEO Tutorial | What is on-site SEO and Off-site SEO?

Now I would like to quickly explain the difference between what is called on-site and off-site SEO factors. This is also known as on-page and off-page. Now firstly on-site SEO. That basically relates to anything you do within your actual website and here are some examples. It�s not an exclusive list but these are some… Read More »

SEO Tutorial – Follow and nofollow links – SEO tips

Now the next SEO tip I would like to talk about, I�ll basically be explaining follow and nofollow links. Now by default, if you for instance, insert a link into your website, it will be what�s called a �follow link�. So, you know when you just insert a link, that says you know, �click here… Read More »

SEO Tutorials for Beginners | The URL and SEO

The next SEO tip I want to show you is basically using your keyword phrase within the URL. So, as you can see in this case, I�ve typed �SEO training Perth� into Google and notice the one that comes up. It�s my website and the URL is www.4seotraining.com.au. So, this website is all about �SEO… Read More »

SEO Tutorial – How to check for broken links | SEO Tips

The next SEO tip I am going to show you is how to check for broken links. Now first off, why are broken links important? Basically, because Google says it doesn�t like them. Now what you need to do, is to do a search within Google, using the phrase �Google Webmaster Guidelines�. Like so. And… Read More »

SEO Tutorial – The Official Google SEO Guide – Learn SEO Tips

Now the next I�m going to show you is how to look at Google�s own SEO guide. So, if you go to Google and search using the phrase �Google SEO Guide�, you will get results like this. You see this one, it�s a PDF file and open it up it will look something like this.… Read More »