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Want More Web Traffic from Google?

Did you know that when you search on a search engine like Google or Bing there are two different results? There  are paid for results, ads  and organic results You might not be aware of that,  but there are results that people pay for to be in front of you this is how Google makes… Read More »

How Algorithms Increase Website Effectiveness – Slava Rubin

#InvespCro Episode 7 : How to determine conversion problems on a webpage?

Hi There, Khalid Saleh here with another conversion rate optimization minute. Today, we will talk about the process of figuring out conversion problems on a particular page. Lets say that you determined that a particular page on your website is where visitors are leaking. They are not continuing in the conversion path or funnel. So,… Read More »


(“Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine) – You didn’t know? Thank you so much. You know what’s interesting, I was sitting there and listening. Hey Dan. And I realized, Jesus, it’s fuckin’ crazy that I can literally give this entire keynote in about one minute, given the context that was just created… Read More »

Ratan Tata: Moving the Tata Group Beyond India

[MUSIC] Ratan, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s an honor to speak with you. And I know I speak for many here in the audience when I say that we’ve been looking forwards to this for quite some time.>>Thank you [INAUDIBLE].>>I wanted to start at the beginning of your career. As the… Read More »