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This place was born out of my passion for the suits, helmets, boots, gloves, all the racing gear from my career. And we came up with the idea of a room, a sort of secret museum, just a place really to put all these unforgettable items, unforgettable moments from my career. I couldn’t open its… Read More »

Web Developer Career Video

Web developers have the unusual ability to think creatively while working with very structured information. If you enjoy exploring websites and want to work with both design and technical skills, web development may be the career for you. Web developers design the look and function of a website. They may develop content, and work with… Read More »

I Wanna Be a Web Designer · A Day In The Life Of A Web Designer

We use the web more than ever these days, whether we’re playing games, downloading apps or buying clothes. But somewhere, someone sat down and actually created that website. That’s like Facebook, Amazon, even apps like Instagram and snapchat all started with one person sitting at a computer. Now you don’t need to be a computer… Read More »

A Day in the life of an SEO Specialist

Hi, I’m Amri Currently i’m working as an SEO specialist at Shopee Indonesia. Yeah, I go to office by ojol (ojek online) everyday. Sometimes by MRT. I deliberately do not use my own vehicle, because I do not like traffic jam and don’t want to add more congestion in Jakarta. Aseek Never expected that I… Read More »

How Algorithms Increase Website Effectiveness – Slava Rubin