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jsPDF Tutorial Part 3: Exactly Capture HTML page to PDF

In this video, we’re going to capture the html page and generate the PDF for user to download when clicking the link The goal is to make our page appear exactly on the PDF file. This can be accomplished by using html2canvas to take the screenshot of our page and place the image in the… Read More »

Scrolling Screenshot: How to Take a Full Page Screen Capture on Windows or Mac

Want to capture an entire webpage or large document in one screen shot? Hi! I’m Erin from TechSmith and I’ll show you how. [music] So you’ve got that webpage or large document and you want to capture it all in one screenshot? It’s time, to fire up Snagit! Snagit can capture long PDFs, maps, left-to-right,… Read More »

Snagit 2019: Scrolling Capture

Would you like to capture long webpages or large documents with Snagit? Simply start the All-in-One capture and move the crosshairs over the window. Do you notice the yellow arrows? These indicate that Snagit can scroll the area vertically, horizontally, or even in both directions. If you don’t see the yellow arrows, this could be… Read More »