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SAS Tip | SAS Enterprise Guide: Macro Variables

Hi, guys, Chris here. Macro variables are an important part of SAS programming. They are how you move values between different steps in programs. And so it’s really important to be able to understand what the value of a macro variable is as you move across different steps. I want to tell you about a… Read More »

Best way to learn SEO for beginners 2020 in Hindi/Urdu | Jobs Alert

Hi Guys today we talk about SEO That what is SEO and which ways to do SEO and about tools of SEO Those friends that already doing work on websites, he well know that what is SEO and why is essential for ranking a website so todays video in we will see cover that what… Read More »

AD-1612 Comparator Buzzer | when connected to the GF-2002A balance

The AD-1612 can output up to a maximum of five levels of comparator light and five types of buzzer sounds. The AD-1612 can display 3 colors at 5 different levels. There is a maximum of 5 types of buzzer sounds, and one type of buzzer sound can be set for each level. The volume of… Read More »

İlk Milli İstihbarat Gemimiz TCG Ufuk Geliyor! Donanmamızın Gerçek Amiral Gemisi

Welcome to the Medya Baronu. The subject in this video is the new TCG Horizon intelligence vessel that will be entering our Navy. What is this ship? What are they capable of? Or what will it add to us? Let’s start the investigation.Our Navy continues to grow and modernize at a certain rate every day.… Read More »

Responsive Web Design Intro with Dreamweaver CC (HTML CSS)

Then my name is Dan and in this video series we’re going to make this responsive portfolio website using Dreamweaver. Now we’re going to go through this course step by step learning everything we need to know to make a web site. We’ll also use some of Dreamweaver templating tools so that we can make… Read More »

Marshmello x Juicy J – You Can Cry (Ft. James Arthur) (Official Video)

Oh, you can cry on my shoulder Everything’s alright All the pain is finally over You can close your eyes Listen to me, close your eyes baby, picture this: Sunset, on the ocean, that’s Pacific New whips, new tips, now your wrist lit You can get anything off your wish list Every day is Christmas… Read More »