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삼성버전 인덕션? 카메라 성능에 몰빵한 삼성 갤럭시 S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra 전모델 달라진점 살펴보기!

[This video contains an ad.] I’ll catch the culprit who hit my car and flew! ??? : That annoying bastard ??? : That bastard I caught you! I’ll catch you with a 100x zoom. [ITSub’s All it is here] [Electronics-lover ITSub’s All it is here] Hello! It’s ITSub. As Samsung’s new unpack has proceeded today… Read More »

Google Pixel 4XL Review – One Month Later

The Pixel 4 XL is a very good phone. I’ve been using the one that Google sent me for over the past month now as my personal device and overall I’ve really enjoyed my experience with it and I think that a lot of people out there just overreacted to certain aspects of this phone.… Read More »

Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL review: the best Android experience

(light music) – It’s Pixel 4 time. You know the drill. Two sizes, three colors, two storage options, a million leaks, Google software, a really good camera, the whole Pixel deal. It’s high expectations, in other words. The Pixel 4 is the flagship. It’s what Google says Android should be. It also wants it to… Read More »

City of Longview has ‘Nutty Narrows’ Network: Video Monitors Squirrel Traffic Safety

Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

Note has always been the phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone. Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10 and 10+. S Pen turns writing to text, lets you share thoughts instantly and with Bluetooth, becomes your remote control. Inside Note10, S Pen continuously charges, and with… Read More »

How Can I Make A Traffic Light Turn Green?

If you’re stopped at a red light on a totally empty road, that can feel a little silly… You still have to patiently wait there for it to turn green, even though everywhere you can see no cars, for miles. But depending on what you’re driving and the kind of traffic light, the light might… Read More »

Google Pixel 3a Review – 6 Months Later

Well it’s been six months since Google sent us our Google Pixel 3a and in that time we’ve gotten to thoroughly test this device so in this video we’re going to go over our favorite features of the GooglePpixel 3a, some things we didn’t like, and our ultimate recommendation on whether or not you should… Read More »