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The FASTEST web framework in 2020! Simple TODO service with actix – Part 1

Hi guys So I was taking a look at Tech Empower’s benchmarks and the results of the last round surprised me. This framework is taking the first two positions and… there is a large gap with the next in the rank. if I’m not mistaken, this amount is “request per seconds”, and it’s ridiculous! 700000… Read More »

QuickHMI | Using HTML for integration of external websites

One more way for working in QuickHMI is the using of JavaScript and HTML coding. For example, you can integrate external websites into your visualization projects. For this you need the control “Html Box”. This you can find on the left side under “HTML”. Drag and drop it into the workspace. OK. Now double click… Read More »

ASP.NET Core Web App Tutorial – Part 1

Hey guys, Wes here. So, I don’t know about you guys, but I think the first place. I ever used the internet was at the library so I just finished designing a library management system in ASP.NET Core MVC and I thought it would be kind of fun to Make a series of videos documenting… Read More »

ASP.NET Dashboard: Creating Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Creating New Dashboard and Select Insert Tab Select Chart Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Chart Type Select indicator Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Icon of Indicator Apply Text Format for Indicator Copy Indicator Using Ctrl Button and Change Indicators… Read More »

How to change the background colour of a webpage in HTML

[intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] [intro] Hi this is Nick from Alphixia and this is the fourth HTML tutorial In this tutorial we will learn Background color formatting We use body bgcolor equal to your color in double quotes Then your content end the body save and open testpage as you can see the background… Read More »

Sharepoint 2010 (Tutorial 2) :- Create a simple web portal using sharepoint 2010 end to end

In this video we will see How to create a simple website Using share point? So In our previous video we saw that what exactly Sharpoint Foundation What is SharePoint Server. So its now to do something practical . So what will do is create a website end to end of fictitious company and will… Read More »