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Living in a bridge: Homeless in L.A. | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

It’s all the way, the whole length. What is? Where they live. Inside the bridge, goes all the way. Inside the structure here? Yeah, right inside. FAINT VOICES This is extraordinary. There are voices coming from inside it. Hello. So, erm… They’re friends from Great Britain and they’re doing a video on the way some… Read More »

Alan Walker – Different World feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK (Lyric Video)

Alan Walker – Different World Feat. Sofia Carson, K-391 & CORSAK ♪ All we know left untold ♪ ♪ Beaten by a broken dream ♪ ♪ Nothing like what it used to be ♪ ♪ We’ve been chasing our demons ♪ ♪ Down an empty road ♪ ♪ Been watching our castle ♪ ♪ Turning… Read More »

Park Hang-seo leads Vietnam to first Southeast Asian Games gold in 60 years

well there is no denying that Viet Nam’s national football team head coach parkansas has already cemented his legendary status in Vietnam over the past couple of years but on Tuesday the South Korean coach added to his incredible success on the international stage by guiding Vietnam to a gold medal when at the Southeast… Read More »

[ #PuBG ] P.O.G. : PuBG – YOLO SOLO

But the red balloon GM and Dion and downplaying some of the down diamond Dole and dumb and the aid but up and down and does and dad believe O and dull partition and befit it in the disposed because of diaphanous on the same direction as many had done ago below had done my… Read More »

Ask Yoast – Static site generation and SEO

Erwin emailed us saying, “Static site generation results in faster load “than using a dynamic platform such as WordPress. “But the ecosystem for static site generators doesn’t include a good SEO tool, “so optimization must be done manually. Which aspects should I pay attention to, to optimize such a website?” Well, to be honest Erwin,… Read More »