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Royal Express Scania K360ib Laksana Legacy SR2 XHD Prime bus, Full review, Dhaka-Meherpur-Chuadanga

Hello Friends Today I am among you Laksana legacy SR2 XHD prime Scania k360ib appeared with bus reviews The operator of this bus is royal express 2 originals in their fleet Scania K360 ib Laksana legacy SR2 XHD prime bus Innovative Motors last year Total 4 pics scania k360 ib Laksana Legacy SR2 XHD Prime… Read More »

Cat and Dog Road Trip

Yeah, maybe me have nintindo switch next year too. Wut the?? Who let the dog out? Who who who who? Hmm, $500 enough for nintindo switch.. Or flight to hawaii! Wait, this that crazy dog! But how me get him to Colorado? U ordered a car, sir? U owe me 5 bucks for that. So…u… Read More »

Bob The Train | Wheels on the train | Wheels on the bus | Kids Songs and Rhymes Bob the train

Do you want to take a ride around the town? Yes Then hop on aboard! The wheels on the train go round and round, Round and round, Round and round, The wheels on the train go round and round, All through the town! The horn on the train goes toot, toot, toot, Toot, toot, toot,… Read More »

George Hotz | Programming | twitchcoq, writing a language we can prove things in

xNoury: oh hello esence: yo xNoury: how are you doing? takkeo: Yo turboooooo1: Hey George knilecrack: wsupppp Shanmukhosiris: hiiiiiii knilecrack: 😀 SlayerX1: HeyGuys Equalizer_olo: Привет the_awoken1: heeey gorge alienware997: Greetings from Germany! ftt0717: What’s up??? knilecrack: you didn’t get banned mtasic85: Hello guys 0xkuj: Hihihi kornez: NEW RAP SONG? LUL liqo13: woaow wee, are we… Read More »