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Google Chrome & Security: Sandboxing

Building the most secure browser that we can is a top priority for the Google Chrome team. A secure browser helps guard against threats such as phishing and malware, which could steal your passwords – or worse. Sandboxing is a feature that we’ve built into Google Chrome to enhance the browser’s security. Here’s how sandboxing… Read More »

The Art of Web Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

It’s important to remember when designing a website what purpose it’s going to serve in people’s lives. Creating a very simple easy to use, easy to understand experience, that’s the challenge of designers. It really comes down to understanding that someone is a person on the other end of the thing that you make. They’re… Read More »

11.3: Chrome Extensions: Content Scripts – Programming with Text

Internet Browsers Won’t Open Webpages: How to Fix Proxy Server Errors 🌐🚫💻

Hello everybody! This video will tell you what to do if your browser won’t open websites, while Skype, cloud services and other Internet applications do not have any problems. I would like to note that these recommendations will be suitable for all popular web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Yandex Browser, Microsoft Edge and… Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups in Google Chrome Browser

Hello welcome to my video on how to enable or disable pop-ups within Google Chrome. Let’s get started. Open up your Google Chrome browser, click on the three black bars at the top right hand corner of the screen, go down to Settings, roll to the bottom of the screen click on show advanced settings.… Read More »

Introducing the New YouTube Mobile Website

Introducing the full YouTube experience on your phone. The new website is much easier to use. You can choose different video qualities… watch your favorite videos… view video details… …and post comments. ♪ music ♪ Subscribe to the channel with a single click. Search more easily with suggest as you type. Learn to bicycle kick…… Read More »

How to Use Internet Explorer 7 : Understand the Printing Webpage Links on Internet Explorer 7

Hi! I am Ross on behalf of expertvillage.com, windows Internet Explorer, let us check it out. How can you print all the links that are on a web page. If you have a need to know where all these links go and you want to print it out, you could click on file print and… Read More »

XSS on Google Search – Sanitizing HTML in The Client?

Google Search is arguably the frontpage of the Internet, and it’s search bar has been hammered with untrusted user-input for decades. That’s why I would have never thought to ever experience something like a live XSS on Google Search myself. That was, until I was sent the following URL. I see this weird string in… Read More »