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How To Find Broken Links And Broken Backlinks That Hurt Your SEO [OSEO-08]

Hey guys, this is Tim soulo from Ahrefs, and today I wanted to talk about broken links and broken backlinks because both of them hurt your website’s performance in Google You’re watching episode number 8 of the oversimplified SEO. [Music] Okay, let’s start from a quick FAQ. A broken link is when a page on… Read More »

SEO Tutorial – How to check for broken links | SEO Tips

The next SEO tip I am going to show you is how to check for broken links. Now first off, why are broken links important? Basically, because Google says it doesn�t like them. Now what you need to do, is to do a search within Google, using the phrase �Google Webmaster Guidelines�. Like so. And… Read More »