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Ask Yoast: Emojis and SEO

Iris Schöberl emailed us from München, where I’ve just been and Oktoberfest was awesome once more, asking, “Do you as an SEO expert recommend to use emojis? Or is it spam to Google?” I’m thinking that you probably mean in the meta-description and in titles etc. where some emojis will actually show up in the… Read More »

The Three Unseen Laws of SEO (Ignore These and Ranking #1 on Google Won’t Happen)

– Google’s a big black box. So how do you get rankings? Through experimentation. But you know what? Even if you experiment, it doesn’t guarantee success because of the three unseen laws of SEO. Hey everyone! I’m Neil Patel and today, I’m gonna break down the three unseen laws of SEO. (soft beat music) Now… Read More »

How To Do SEO Properly: 5 SEO Mistakes You Are Doing in 2019

I don’t know if you’ve heard of a niche website, it’s called google.com. It’s kind of niche, not everyone to use it, not everyone heard of it, but maybe you have. The owners of it, ah, are worth 50 billion each and it’s, ah, and the business is worth, ah, several $100 billion. Um, I… Read More »