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Has Blogging Changed Too Drastically in 2020? (The Explanation Behind Your Weak Results)

– A lot of people think blogging has changed over the last year since they’re not getting good results from their blogging efforts anymore. The truth is, the underlying rules of success when it comes to blogging are still the same. But the competitive game has changed a lot over the past years. In this… Read More »

The 2-Minute Guide to Writing Better Blog Posts | Two Minute Tuesdays

Hi everybody! My name is Matt and I’m the Social Media Manager here at Volusion. Welcome to Two Minute Tuesdays, where we give you two minutes of ecommerce advice to bolster your online success. I’ve told you time and time again the importance of blogging, and hopefully by now you’ve realized the value it brings.… Read More »

Blog Post Topics: How to Get Endless Ideas for Blogging

Does this ever happen to you when trying to plan blog post topics? You sit down to write a blog post, and you get struck with writer’s block. Or worse, you publish blog posts, and they fail to get any traction. Blog posts are so important for driving web traffic and increasing sales. And if… Read More »