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Sophos Central Endpoint & Intercept X: Allowing Sites through Web Control Policy

Hey Guys this is Jelan from sophos tech support, and today we’re looking at How to Allow Sites through the Sophos Central Web Control policy So a quick overview of what we’re gonna do today: First in Sophos Central we’ll Make a Website Tag in Website Management under Global Settings That’s going to allow us… Read More »

How to Block a Website in all Web Browsers

Hey Guys. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. In this video I will be showing you how to block websites on computer. In my previous tutorial I have shown you how to block websites on Chrome browser but this video will help you to block selected websites on every browser within few steps. This can be… Read More »

HTML block 38

HTML block. An HTML block is a customisable block allowing you to add images, text, links or even embedded code or widgets to blocks at the side of your course. You don’t need to understand HTML code to use it. You can add more than one block as you see here where we have for… Read More »

How to Enable or Disable Pop-ups in Google Chrome Browser

Hello welcome to my video on how to enable or disable pop-ups within Google Chrome. Let’s get started. Open up your Google Chrome browser, click on the three black bars at the top right hand corner of the screen, go down to Settings, roll to the bottom of the screen click on show advanced settings.… Read More »