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WARNING to all SEO Pros: Blackhat SEO Techniques to Avoid

Welcome to another video by SEO Forest Academy where in this video, we will talk about what Blackhat SEO is, and the common blackhat SEO techniques that we see people using today. Blackhat SEO is anything that violates search engines’ Terms of Service, particularly going against Google’s guidelines to get more traffic to your website.… Read More »

Is Our SEO Company Using Black Hat Techniques?

This is John Locke and today we’re going to answer a SEO question. This one comes to us from Reddit. A reader asks, “We hired an SEO company to help us with our rankings, and we’re trying to evaluate if what they’re doing is black-hat. Are we going to get penalized? Is what they’re doing… Read More »

What is Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Explained)

okay everybody so today I’m gonna talk to you about blackhat SEO if you don’t know what blackhat SEO is it’s still a thing it’s still out there it’s a way that people basically try to target your website and take your website down that’s negative SEO that’s a type of blackhat SEO and it’s… Read More »