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Generating meta description with BERT | a video tutorial on AI-Powered SEO by WordLift

hello everyone you’re here to learn how to write Meta Description using BERT and my name is Andrew Volpini I am CEO and co-founder of WordLift and we will go step by step and see how to automate the process of generating Meta Description so we will start by crawling the website and we can… Read More »

5 Ways The New Google BERT Update Impacts -Tamil

Hi, Today we are going to see a small informational video about BERT algorithm. We are going to learn in a simple way that how Google’s bert algorithm works and for that what we need to do? If you have any doubts in this video, You can also comment it below, so that we can… Read More »

SEO predictions for 2020 | Canonical Chronicle

– In 2020, SEO will be a very tough egg to crack. – We’re gonna try and crack an egg on the sidewalk to see if it will cook. (egg cracks) – Nope! – It comes that time of year when SEOs are startin’ to quietly implement their newly learned highly scientific optimizations for 2020… Read More »

Google BERT. Крупнейшее обновление алгоритма за 5 лет. И чего ждать SEO оптимизаторам

Google Introduces BERT

Google has launched its latest search algorithm called BERT which is designed to better understand our natural language. It is expected that BERT will impact at least 10% of all search queries which is the biggest change since the introduction of RankBrain. What is Bert? Bert is Google’s new neural network based technique for natural… Read More »