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90’s supermodel style vintage clothing haul!! *kendall jenner + bella hadid vibesssss*

Why Hi guys All right. Look at this little Natural little makeup. Look I did today So I have recently Changed up my style a little bit I just realized my desk is so messy like you can literally see all my food that all my I tried to clean up a little bit but… Read More »

One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Plastic Surgeons: I Got Work Done | One Star Reviews

Is Beauty Culture Hurting Us? – Glad You Asked S1

I think it was watching makeup videos maybe five or six years ago when I started to feel like my eyebrows were insufficient. So I went out and I bought an eyebrow pencil, and then this happened.All agreeing to scan millions of pages from books…Oh, my God.…related to biodiversity.I guess I did it wrong. So… Read More »

I Got a Haircut from One of Yelp’s Worst-Rated Barber Shops | One Star Reviews

Don’t move, don’t move. If these were sheers I’d cut the skin. You’re not going to remove them right? You’ll just make them nice? Stay still, don’t move. It won’t hurt. Don’t move.Nice sneakers.Thanks man. I like your shoes too.Hello, and welcome back to One Star Reviews.My hair is growing a bit long.I haven’t had… Read More »