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Black bean noodles Drain the water. Add a little hot water. soup base olive oil green onion kimchi egg’s Separate the whites of the eggs. Sesame parsley BBQ’s Secret Seasoned Chicken Hello, this is SIO. What food will I eat today? Black bean noodles and secret Seasoned chicken! Let’s go! Coke It’s hardened. I’m a… Read More »

Hair by Mr Bean of London | Episode 14 | Widescreen | Mr Bean Official

musical yes it’s fine correct unclear murmurs background laughing so, ah made your mind up yet sir? background laughing background laughing Mr. Bean murmuring maybe get some linen sir ahhhhh laughing background

Cup of Coffee | Mr Bean Full Episodes | Mr Bean Official

What’s Gone Wrong? | Funny Episodes | Mr Bean Official

Hello nice picnic Club We see Custer Oh Right a Omiya the rockery please go Please go here and these go there Oh Something’s still not right? Oh no. Oh They’re lovely Well, you’re now on my yard Cheerio Oh Oh Roxy We did okay, it’s Roxy My funny man stay by my side My… Read More »

Tibet Training | Funny Clip | Johnny English Reborn | Mr Bean Official

You came here to forget your life of shame But the path you must tread to new life will not be easy English Our purpose here is simple to strengthen what is weak Make heart but is soft This will take time Oh, why must be most of the body Strong mind can separate the… Read More »

New King of England | Johnny English | Funny Clip | Mr Bean Official

Pascale Are you willing to take the oath I am willing then? be thou anointed With this holy oil And Do you the chosen bishops of England Scotland and Wales? As sent to this anointing for Scotland I do for Wales I do For England, I do not English That man must not be counted… Read More »

Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean | Episode 9 | Mr. Bean Official

(DOG BARKING) (CHOIR SINGING) (TICKING) (SHIVERS) Look! (MUTTERING EXCITEDLY) Ah! (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) (DOORBELL RINGING) -Hello. -Oh! Come in. -Rupert. -Bean. – Hubert -Bean. Come in. Take your whatsits off. -Rupert, you’re sitting here. -Thank you. And here’s your party hat. Hubert, if you’d like to come here. You’re sitting there. And there’s your party… Read More »