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What I’d Do If I Were Starting My Business From Scratch

Would you like to know what I do if I had to start my business from scratch? I’ve had my business for 10 years now and I’m in a pretty good place. And I feel I’ve learned a lot because I’ve made a ton of mistakes. Well in this video, I’m going to break it… Read More »

Rank YouTube Videos In 24 Hours

Today’s topic: How to rank YouTube videos in 24 hours or less. Really? -Yeah. No joke. You got to watch this video because after watching this video, you’ll implement the steps, your video ranked today. -The topic is ranking YouTube videos in 24 hours. And may I just start by saying, as the resident clueless… Read More »

Suggested Videos On YouTube

What’s the secret to getting YouTube to promoting your videos and putting them in the suggested video column? -Yeah. That’s we’re going to talk about. We talk a lot about search. But I know how to get you in the suggested videos. -You’re going to want to stick around. -Suggested videos –you’re watching a video… Read More »

YouTube SEO | The Leaf Strategy

Forget everything that you’ve learned about SEO, about keywords, about tags. They just don’t work anymore for YouTube. There’s an easier way. It works every time. This video will transform the results that you’re getting on YouTube. So, here’s what you can expect in this episode. I’m going to teach in my tree analogy which… Read More »

How To Research YouTube Keywords – Julie May

Welcome back. In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to research YouTube keywords. Now, Julie. You have this question as well. So, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to actually show Julie how to do it in real life. And what’s going to happen is if she posts a video today, it’ll… Read More »