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Black Hat SEO Pirate Takeover – DON’T DO THIS | Marketing 360

What is Black Hat SEO Costing You? (How to Outrank Black Hat SEO Competitors)

– You see your competitors outranking you by doing shady stuff. In other words, leveraging black hat techniques. And you have that urge to just copy them so you can outrank them. Hey everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today I’m going to discuss why black hat SEO is going to hurt you. (soft music) Before… Read More »

5 Bad SEO Techniques to Avoid

here five baaad SEO techniques that should send you running imagine you have this great website that you’re finally proud of and you’re building your presence online and then BAM you drop in the search results or worse yet you get D indexed from the search engines altogether avoid blackhat and unethical tactics and make… Read More »

SEO Mistakes to Avoid | 3 Black Hat Techniques That WILL Get You Banned from Google

you guys want to hear something interesting well today I’m gonna share with you all of my war stories of getting banned by Google hey everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m gonna share with you SEO mistakes that you should avoid and if you don’t you’re gonna get bad so the first one i… Read More »