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Niche Site Duel #005 – Traffic Generation Strategy Part 1

All right, welcome to everyone to the next part in this outsourcing your niche series. Thank you very much for taking your time out to come and check this out and also to be participating in this webinar. For the people who have been here consecutively for the last four weeks, big, big congratulations and… Read More »

Top 50 Article Directories Sorted By Page Rank – Dofollow High PR Websites

Hello it Neil Ball here, your internet marketing coach from workwithneilball.com, welcome to my video on the top 50 article directories sorted by page rank.At the end of this video I will give you details on how to post your content on a site that is in the top 400 websites that is more popular… Read More »

Web Directories for Link Building: Does it Still Make Sense? | SEO COURSE 2020 【Lesson #34】

Looking back at 2007, it seemed that most of the SEO activities were reduced to submitting websites to the so-called web directories. There were real services offered by freelancers, such like “Submit website to 50 directories in 24 hours”, or similar. A web directory is a portal organized into a large number of categories, where… Read More »

Is there a version of Google that excludes backlinks as a ranking factor?

Today’s question comes from Colchester in the United Kingdom. I hope I’m saying that right. The question is from BlueBumbleBee who asks, “Hi, Matt, does the big G have a version of the search engine that totally excludes any backlink relevance? I’m wondering what search would look like, and I’m curious to try it out.”… Read More »

Link Assistant Review – How To Build Powerful Links Step By Step

Link Assistant is a great tool to help you find link building opportunities in any niche. It has a few great features that help to automate the outreach process such as building targeted outreach lists, automatically looking up email addresses and bulk sending emails. Let me show you how easy it is to setup a… Read More »

Seo link building beginner tutorial – Weebly seo the easy way

hey guys what’s up Alexis again just a quick video to show you what i do in terms of seo link building so how do I find great website to build my backlinks to one of my website i would like to rank so and i am using today a website about plumbing so basically… Read More »

Does PPC Affect SEO?

Hi everyone, my name is Izey Victoria Odiase and today I want to address a very common question. The question is ‘does PPC affect SEO? PPC being pay-per-click; SEO – search engine optimization. Well, no and yes! Here’s why: so, according to Google, your PPC campaigns do not influence the SEO algorithm . . directly.… Read More »

Backlinks for Beginners: How to Build Incredible Backlinks for 2019