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Deploy a bot to your website with Azure Cognitive Services and QnA Maker | Azure Developer Streams

(music) (music)>>Hello and welcome to Lux News. Today in the news. Today on Stream I should say, we will be doing a Microsoft Azure sponsored segment where we will go over learning about creating bot, we’ll go over the bots again and we will learn to deploy them onto a website so that you can… Read More »

Self Service AI in Power BI Desktop | Community Webinar

>>Hi all. Good morning or good evening, depending on where you’re located. Thank you for joining our Power BI webinar, and my name is Deepak Shankar. I’m a community manager within the Microsoft Business Application group. Today, we have Markus, an MVP with with us, who will walk through the new Power BI features and… Read More »

2020-01-22 (VOD) I am learning EF Core

Bonjour hi this is a recorded version of a live session from twitch it will be a very long video and that’s why I put timestamp in the description so you could skip and go directly to the part that interests you if you want to know exactly when I’m streaming go visit twitch.tv/fboucheros but… Read More »

How to restrict Azure Stack virtual network traffic

[MUSIC]>>You can use an NSG to control traffic to one or more Virtual Machines, network adapters or sub-nets in your virtual network within Azure Stack. An NSG contains access control rules that allow or deny traffic based on traffic direction, protocol, source address and port, and destination address and port. A single network identity group… Read More »

Securing traffic between pods using policies in Azure Kubernetes Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to secure traffic between pods using network policies in Azure Kubernetes Service in this episode of Azure Tips and Tricks. By default, components in a Kubernetes cluster can receive traffic from anywhere. To secure your AKS cluster, you can implement a network policy that defines which components can receive traffic from which sources.… Read More »

What is Azure? | Microsoft Azure Training | Azure | Intellipaat

hey guys I am a Akansha and I welcome you all to this video tutorial on Microsoft edge your by Intellipaat so I bet you guys already know that Microsoft Azure is the second largest cloud platform right now but did you know that more than 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are extensively using… Read More »

Microsoft Azure for Beginners | What Is Azure? | Microsoft Azure Training | Intellipaat

Hey guys, welcome to this session on Microsoft Azure. Let us start off with this session with a fun fact: 80% of the world’s fortune 500 companies run on Microsoft Azure either completely or up to an extent, and also Microsoft claims that Azure is growing at a rate of 120,000 new customers every month.… Read More »