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What Is HTML Attribute?

hello guys you are watching technical bench youtube channel and I am kunal in this video you can learn about HTML attributes so let’s start [Music] what is an attribute so attributes provide additional information about the tag or elements so tag or elements are the same thing so in this webpage as you can… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 14 – Forms II

The most useful and common input type is the text field. Like most form elements it requires the name attribute to be specified and the value attribute will be set to the text that it contains. Another useful input type is the password field, which hides its characters from view. For both of these types… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 02 – Tags and Elements

The markup that defines HTML is called tags. For example, we here have the break tag, which is used to make a line break. All tags are delimited by angle brackets () and are case-insensitive. Most tags, such as the paragraph tag here , have both a start and an end tag. The end tag… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 08 – Horizontal Rule

The horizontal rule is used to separate sections of a document. To adjust it we have four deprecated attributes: size, width, noshade, and align, as well as the color attribute which is not supported in all browsers. The standard rule is drawn across the full width of the page. To adjust the length we can… Read More »

HTML Tutorial – 17 – XHTML

XHTML or Extensible HyperText Markup Language is the successor to HTML. It’s a reformulation of HTML using XML and is therefore almost identical. However, XHTML is stricter so there are a few differences that we need to look at. First, XHTML requires all elements to be closed. So previous optional end tags must be included… Read More »

Pagina attributes | Concrete5 Explained

To set the attributes, click on the gear in the top left (page settings icon). You then choose attributes. A page has different attributes. In the menu on the left you can click one and it will appear with the options on the screen. View the description for further explanation about each attribute used in… Read More »