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ASP.NET Tutorial – 05 – HTML Controls

All HTML elements can be made into HTML server controls. To do this we place them inside the form control and include the runat server attribute. The element now becomes a HTML control that we can manipulate using its id reference. The control in this case is of the HTMLAnchor class. For this class we… Read More »

ASP.NET HTML Editor – Import, Export, and Pasting

In this video, we’ll look at how to import, export, and the paste options of the DevExpress ASP.NET HTML Editor control called ASPxHtmlEditor. Let’s start with importing documents. The ASPxHtmlEditor can import documents from various formats and convert them to HTML for display and editing within the control. The import formats include: Rich Text, Office… Read More »

Adding Data to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [3 of 13]

>>Hey, we’re making an ASP.NET website in this ASP.NET 101 series, and we did a Hello World.>>Yes.>>I’m feeling pretty successful already.>>That’s pretty great. Self-esteem.>>Self-esteem is an all time high.>>Yes.>>Let’s add some data to our website. Now, when we last left our heroes, we had made the Contoso Crafts website. It’s a local website, and all… Read More »

Convert HTML to PDF in ASP.NET Core in Just 5 Minutes

Syncfusion HTML to PDF converter is a .NET library for converting web pages, HTML string, SVG, and MHTML files to PDF. In this video, we are going to integrate the Syncfusion HTML to PDF converter in a ASP.NET Core project in just 5 minutes. This is my simple ASP.NET Core application and this is the… Read More »

Adding a Service to an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [4 of 13]

>>Hey friends. We’re creating an ASP.NET website. We’re doing it the 101 style, real slow, very deliberately. In the last video, we’re starting to bring in data. We haven’t actually displayed it yet because we want to do this right. We’ve made a little JSON file and that’s our database for this purpose. Then, what… Read More »

Making an ASP.NET Core Website | ASP.NET Core 101 [2 of 13]

>>Hey friends I’m Scott.>>I’m Leslie.>>We are going to teach you ASP.NET. This is our 101 video series. There’s been a number of video series that we’ve already done, C Sharp and.NET Core. So we’re going to assume that you’ve gone through those and you have some familiarity with that, as well as maybe a little… Read More »

ASP.NET Dashboard: Creating Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Creating New Dashboard and Select Insert Tab Select Chart Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Chart Type Select indicator Item and Put It on Dashboard Specify Data Fields for This Item Change Icon of Indicator Apply Text Format for Indicator Copy Indicator Using Ctrl Button and Change Indicators… Read More »

Sharepoint 2010 (Tutorial 2) :- Create a simple web portal using sharepoint 2010 end to end

In this video we will see How to create a simple website Using share point? So In our previous video we saw that what exactly Sharpoint Foundation What is SharePoint Server. So its now to do something practical . So what will do is create a website end to end of fictitious company and will… Read More »