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Camels, Code & Lab Coats: How AI Is Advancing Science and Medicine

man: There’s been many innovations over the years that drive science. If you go back in history, many scientific insights actually derived from new tools that were able to measure new things. AI is very, very good at finding new paths that haven’t been seen before. It’s almost an enhancement on our ability to sense… Read More »

The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

Technology. it’s advancing faster, and taking less time to be widely adopted, Than ever before. Launch A.I. A.I. is basically an emulation of us. You’re one very special person to me. Autonomous driving started. A.I. can give us that answer that we’ve been seeking all along. Are we alone? Each time we create a more… Read More »

The Grid | AI Websites That Design Themselves

Your website is your own corner of the Internet. A place to call home. For your business, your portfolio, your hobby. Your own space to say what you want to say. There are plenty of ways to get a website. But a template isn’t for you. A Facebook page isn’t for you. Your site should… Read More »

Can artificial intelligence help predict and prevent traffic accidents? – BBC Click

this week cars bars and the police ride I’m on my way to a reported incident on one of Las Vegas busiest highways with the last rain falling over four months ago the oily roads mixed with the fresh water have become a lethal recipe for disaster in the driving seat is Sergeant John arias… Read More »

Love, art and stories: decoded | The Age of A.I.

[turns off engine] Here’s one: are there certain qualities that are untouchable for AI, or at some point, might it be able to emulate everything? Even the stuff that we consider to be distinctly human, like instinct. Getting here on time took some of that, right? Or creativity, actual emotion, making a connection. We’re gonna… Read More »

TensorFlow: Open source machine learning

♪♪♪ Deep learning is this branch of machine learning loosely inspired by how the brain works. We have had experience building software for deep learning over the last few years. Although it was initially a research project, we’ve since collaborated with about 50 different teams at Google and deployed these systems in real products across… Read More »

Securing traffic between pods using policies in Azure Kubernetes Service | Azure Tips and Tricks

>>Learn how to secure traffic between pods using network policies in Azure Kubernetes Service in this episode of Azure Tips and Tricks. By default, components in a Kubernetes cluster can receive traffic from anywhere. To secure your AKS cluster, you can implement a network policy that defines which components can receive traffic from which sources.… Read More »