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(audience applause and cheers) (upbeat music) – Thank you, thank you. Schmarvard. Good afternoon San Diego. (audience cheers) So I have a new book coming out called AskGaryVee mainly because the truth is, I really don’t even want to speak right now. I just want to go directly into Q & A because I can… Read More »

010 How to Structure Text in HTML

So now that we understand how the ational boilerplate works and what each line does in it it’s time to move into the body section and start giving our Web site some content because at the moment our Web site is looking a little bit plain. So if we have a look at John Kleinberg… Read More »

012 HTML Image Elements

All right. So in the last lesson we looked at how to use each team on lists that were ordered as well as an audit in this lesson. I want to talk about the image element and how we can incorporate images into our Web site. So the image TYG is again a self closing… Read More »

Sub) 타르트지의 기초 ! 파트슈크레로 베이직한 딸기타르트 만들기 : Strawberry Tart [만개의레시피]

Strawberry Tart Hello. Today I’m going to make (strawberry) tarts. Tart is a pie-like pastry that is made by putting flour dough into a mold and baking it with cream or chocolate fruit. Today I’m going to make a tart using a dough called Patsshucre. As in the name Passhucre, part means dough. Sucre means… Read More »

Expelled From Every Other School

At least 24 people were shot and injured between late Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning Police believe most shootings were gang or drug related 34 Chicago students killed and almost 300 wounded in the past year Chicago is now the murder capital of this country Go on then, eh Get off this bus I’m… Read More »

Google Translate Songs with Halsey

-Halsey, we all know that you are an amazing singer. -That’s an opinion. -So, I thought — No. -I thought it would be fun if you and I performed a few songs. Is that pretty cool? -Yeah. -Would that be alright? -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] But here’s the catch. To mix things up… Read More »

E-cigarettes, vaping and teens: Do parents know the dangers?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Anthea Rhodes. Paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Have you heard of e-cigarettes or vaping? According to the latest RCH Poll, most parents have and most parents are concerned about e-cigarettes. Many are confused about the health risks, so let’s clear up some of that confusion. Firstly, people are right to… Read More »


Take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy! SHUT UP! Hi Carlos! It’s me Ms. Frizzle! And Tim! Wanda! Ralphie! Dorothy Ann! and Arnold! Oh wow, Ms. Frizzle and the gang! Are we going on another adventure? Yeah! Hop in! Let’s take a field trip! Alright! (grunting) Let’s go! Yeah! The class is back together now, (laughter,… Read More »

NASA’s New Space Reactor Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From a technology standpoint, there’s not too many greater challenges than nuclear power in space. The physics involved in it is quite intense — it has that luster of something totally different. We start with that highly enriched core, the splitting of the atoms generates that heat that we need at the right power levels,… Read More »

Create a beautiful Vue Router Transition

Transitions are a fantastic way to give your webpage the final touch. And today, it’s all about how you can implement a beautiful page transition in combination with the Vue Router library so that your visitors are no longer bored. Let’s start right now. What’s going on, my name is Mario, welcome to another video.… Read More »