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Top 15 Scary Videos That Went TOO FAR!

15. Act of Revenge Have you ever seen some bizarre stuff at your place of work? You might have been if you work at the Hello Pizza takeaway in Liverpool, England. AUTHORITIES suspect this act of aggression was an act of revenge. I n August of 2017, a man wearing a hood tossed a box… Read More »

Troubleshooting Traffic Irregularities In Google Analytics

Have you ever seen a random spike in traffic in your Google Analytics? Have you sat there and thought what on earth is that? Picture this scene. You’re sitting in a comfortable boardroom, a comfy chair, a nice hot cup of coffee. The boss comes in, whacks a great big chart up, a traffic chart.… Read More »

Jane Austen’s Emma – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

Yo yo whatup? This week on Thug Notes we on the come up with Emma by Jane Austen. 21 year old Emma Woodhouse is finest lil thang in Highbury. Girl got it all – hella brains, high class rep, and PHAT stacks. Thang is, this dime piece wanna keep livin da single life. One night,… Read More »

Episode #14 – Web Analytics TV With Avinash Kaushik and Nick Mihailovski

>>Avinash: Hi, everyone.>>Nick: Hey, how’s it going?>>Avinash: Welcome to Episode #14.>>Nick: Yeah, wow. It’s 14 already.>>Avinash: I know. We’re gonna do one more before the year is out.>>Nick: There it is.>>Avinash: We’ll have a nice 15 before 2010.>>Nick: 15. There is goes.>>Avinash: Welcome, everyone and we’re gonna answer your questions, as usual. They’re a wonderful… Read More »

Introduction to Google Data Studio

Welcome to Google Data Studio! This short video will show you how to accomplish the 3 primary tasks you need to create beautiful reports that tell stories with your data: Connecting to your data Visualizing that data to gain insights And sharing reports and collaborating on them with your colleagues and customers You can follow… Read More »

SEO vs. Sales: The Battle of Content

Moving to our second to last topic. I hope things are going well so far is a really, really fascinating one. It’s one that we WPromote went through over the last handful of months as we went through the process of redesigning and relaunching wpromote.com. What this really is the battle of what’s good for… Read More »

Digital Marketing and Web Design at New Waves Qatar

Website. Maybe you’re thinking about having your first one made …or maybe, you just need a new, better one. In any case, you should know at least some of the basics about web design. …and no worries, it will only take 3 minutes. First of all, let’s face it: a Website is the core of… Read More »

Walkthrough: How (and why) to set up a Moz campaign

Campaigns! Not just for politicians anymore — never just for politicians! I’m Olivia with Whole Whale, and today we’re going to tell you how to set up a campaign in Moz. Okay, but first of all, what is Moz? It is a fantastic SEO tool, it can run crawls on your site and act as… Read More »

How to Do Keyword Research for Free

How to Do Keyword Research for Free hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to show you how you can do keyword research using Google and do so for free first of all let’s understand this fact you never should have to pay for keyword research or for some keyword program that there… Read More »