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Improve Your SEO | AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages | Hindi

Earlier we have discussed that Mobile is the future, if you focus more on mobile SEO chances of ranking are high of a better SEO And your page will rank fast The keyword to be ranked that took 6-7 months organically You can do it fast So today i am going to tell you a… Read More »

Google Search Console: What should I do with old 404 errors?

JOHN MUELLER: Today’s question comes from San Francisco. What should I do with 404s in Search Console that are from ancient versions of my site? So sites evolve over time, URLs change, you add redirect, redirects get dropped over the years. Sometimes URLs are just no longer needed. These URLs end up returning 404, so… Read More »

AMP Optimization & SEO: Do’s & Dont’s (AMP Conf 2018)

[APPLAUSE] ALEYDA SOLIS: So, thank you very much. I speak at a lot of conferences, usually, but these are search marketing conferences. So, it is pretty much refreshing for me to be surrounded by developers. Usually, I end up debating with them a lot. Hopefully, not this time. Not at all, I think. I’m delighted,… Read More »

SEO Webinar with BrightEdge: How to Leverage User Micro-Moments to Maximize Your Brand Visibility

Jonny Waite: Hi everyone. This is Jonny Waite of Direct Agents. I’m the SEO lead over here. With me today, I have Brian Herskowitz from BrightEdge, and we’re going to be getting into a little bit more of an expansive intro in a second. But while people are signing in, I thought I would take… Read More »

Will removing “.html” from my URLs help my site? – SEO Snippets