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I regret buying this MYSTERY Tech…

(flute sound) (laughing) (flute sound) – Hello and welcome to Mystery Tech. (laughing) – [Matt] It’s so bad. (laughing) That’s the worst. – Wait, I need to be able to see here, hold on, hold on. (laughing) Alright, what is even happening right now? – I’m a villain for you to fight. (upbeat music) (mumbling)… Read More »

Why Diversity is toxic (as an ex-Google tech lead)

– Hey, welcome back, TechLead here. Now, first of all, I wanna say I did not really want to make this video about anti-diversity because I believe that the intentions behind there are good. However, I feel that we have gone too far and I wanted to do a follow up video on the manifesto… Read More »

20,000 Meals a Day At Google – A Frank Experience

♪♪ -Enjoy. Enjoy. ♪♪ Serving some amazing local bass here at Google. This is a Frank experience. ♪♪ Tech companies are known for treating their employees amazing, especially when it comes to food. Here at Google, it’s pretty much the gold standard. The New York City Google campus has more than 8,000 employees, and they… Read More »

Tracking Pixels & Retargeting: Explained!

Have you ever been browsing around an online shop, looking for something like shoes, only to then see ads for those shoes on another website like Facebook? That’s pretty creepy! How does Facebook know that you were looking at these shoes? Well, behind the scenes, the webshop owner is using tracking pixels. No, not the… Read More »

Whole Foods Brand Taste Test

Women Try Amazon’s Top Rated Heels

How Amazon Delivers On One-Day Shipping

Before Prime launched in 2005 one-day shipping was an exorbitant luxury. Now it’s the standard shipping speed for Amazon’s 100 million Prime members. Earlier this year Amazon doubled the speed of Prime shipping from two days to one. And the faster speed is now available on more than 10 million products. Prime one-day is basically… Read More »

How to Keep Keyword Ranking (BSR) When Running Out of Stock on Amazon?

well hey there what’s up it’s Scott in today’s ask out video session we’re going to be talking about what happens if we are about to run out of inventory on Amazon and we already have ranking and we don’t want to lose that you may have had that happen to you and if not… Read More »

Get Amazon Reviews – What’s the BEST Way of Gaining Verified Reviews on Amazon?

(swooshing) – The goal of every Amazon seller is to simply sell more. That will provide you with more revenue, which translates to more income that in the end means more cashflow, financial freedom and the possibility to grow the business and make it a sustainable part of your life. But in order to sell… Read More »