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Losing $5000/month 🤯 MANUAL PENALTY, Negative SEO, & the Disavow Tool with Dave Fox

in this video I talked the Dave Fox about negative SEO unfortunately one of Dave’s sites was hit really hard with negative SEO and it had sort of a cascading impact on his portfolio of sites so we talked about how to deal with negative SEO we talked about the google disavow tool and we… Read More »

Authority Websites, Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites, How I started after finding Smart Passive Income

it’s the Friday QA I think we’re live now sorry for the delay I was I just shot a video I just rendered a video for like a new teardown actually here’s a little sneak peek I’m gonna publish it tomorrow so normally it’s Tuesday tear downs but you all love these teardown so much… Read More »

Keyword Golden Ratio Using SEM Rush

in this video we’re gonna take a look at exactly how I use SEMRush to find kgr terms now when I first started testing the keyword golden ratio I used SEMRush almost exclusively to try and figure out what keywords to go for it and it took me several months to figure out like the… Read More »

The Holy Grail of Conversion Rate Optimisation Hacks | AWeurope 2018

And I’m back. We have a lot more people than the morning which is perfect. This presentation is about conversion rate optimisation And this subject is a little bit hard to talk about because we’re talking about data As I always say, data is different from one person to another, from one website to another,… Read More »

How Oli Gardner & Ryan Deiss Changed Digital Marketing Forever | AWeurope 2018

We’re gonna do a live podcast now with two industry titans. First of all we got Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer and he’s a pioneer of the industry. And then also Oli Gardner, who’s the CEO of a company called Unbounce. So come on up, guys I wanted to come out but she wouldn’t let me.… Read More »