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♨이민기(Lee Min Ki)♡서현진(Seo Hyun jin), 꾹꾹 참았던 마음 폭발한 진한 키스♨ 뷰티 인사이드(The Beauty Inside) 15회

Save me it’s me it’s Ok Jong are you okay? aren’t you tired at all? shhh.. be quiet I’m watching right now you don’t know how much I refrain myself only to watch this together with you please look at me I can always look at you for the rest of my life I said,… Read More »

Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

– Hello, and welcome to Rank King Astrology. I’m your Rank King, Eugene. Please welcome my special Rank Priestess, Allison. – Oh, wow. – Pretty good, right? – That was really good. – Yes. – Thank you. – We are very well-versed in the way of the stars. And today we are gonna rank all… Read More »


Man, I’m kinda bored.​Man, I’m kinda bored.​Nothing wrong with a chill day.​Nothing wrong with a chill day.​Hey! Quit trying to laze around!​Hey! Quit trying to laze around!​What’s wrong, Mio?​What’s wrong, Mio?​Aren’t you on edge.​Aren’t you on edge.​Give me a break!​Give me a break!​This is a movie! Why are you sticking to the same old routine?​This… Read More »

Archery Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

This is the triple William– nah, I’m kidding, guys. Three is too many. It’s just a double. It’s just two. Dude Perfect. This is the bow fishing balloon buster. Let’s go, baby! This is the bow and arrow bottle buster from a Sea Doo! Whoo! Let’s go! This is the mobile gonger. Yes, let’s go!… Read More »

Ellen Takes Over Gap

– When I was in New York, I got to visit my own pop-up shop at The Gap, and it was filled with my Gap Kids and ED collection, which was designed to empower girls everywhere and to follow their dreams. And I finally got to fulfill my lifelong dream of working retail. [audience laughter]… Read More »

Guns Down, Gloves Up: Detroit’s Car Wash Fight Club

-The Wash is just a Detroit thing. There was so much beef going on in the car scene — a lot of people was talking about pulling guns, killing each other. We came up with an alternative. -Three! -Which was Fight Night Fridays at The Wash. [ Onlookers cheering ] ♪♪ -This the neighborhood. This… Read More »