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Why Everyone Needs to Start Preparing for Voice Search Right Now!

Sales is not just bangin on the door now days. It takes around 22 touch points of advocacy building and value add before any prospects convert. Every one gets exposed to over 10,000 instances of advertising every day according to a Nielsen report. Moreover, with 50% of searches predicted to move to voice by 2020,… Read More »

You Ask, I Answer: Help Articles vs. Blog Posts for SEO?

In today’s episode Liana asks What are your thoughts on reusing blog posts for help articles out there pros and cons to posting the same content twice? Where is it better to host content to improve SEO for example, if I want to share content on how to lose weight and we’re fitness tech company,… Read More »

The Golden Ratio for Logo or Icon Design in Illustrator

Hey everybody I’m Nathaniel Dodds. I’m from tutvids.com and today we are going to take a few minutes and talk about the golden ratio in adobe illustartor what it is and how you can use it ? and how you can make your own little spirally-spoo golden ratio thing, the Fibonacci sequence if you will,… Read More »

Europe’s First Sex Doll Brothel

Otter Notes in 17 minutes

Hello everyone and welcome back to Keep Productive YouTube channel on today’s feature we’re exploring an application called Otter Notes, which aims to record some of your meetings interviews lectures and translate them into Text it is an application though. I know a lot of people in be talking about specially on Twitter So today’s… Read More »

How will SEO be affected by artificial intelligence (AI)? – Real Smart Marketing #2

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Real Smart Marketing I’m Joei, content marketer at Mention. In this expert series, We’ll be asking top influencers big marketing questions So, let’s say hi to today’s real’ smart marketers: Hey everybody, it’s Sam Mallikarjunan from HubSpot and ReadThink.com Hi, I’m Rand Fishkin, Founder and Wizard of Moz.… Read More »