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the world of online business sometimes feels a little crowded and with more competition launching everyday shouldn’t you help people find you before they find the other guys yes you should and a really smart place to start is with SEO search engine optimization it’s simple people use search engines like Google and Bing to… Read More »

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Potential customers are searching the web for products and services that you offer. Every second of every day. But…are they finding you OR your competitors? Search engines are a great source of traffic that can provide your business with a lifetime supply or targeted leads AND loyal customers. IF people can find you. Studies have… Read More »

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this is Donald he owns his own business he has a website but no online traffic There are alot of online marketing companies. Which one will work for him? Which one should he choose? Donald finally found an affordable online marketing expert. He found Austin SEO geeks donald is saving money by using affordable SEO… Read More »