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Learn more about Disney’s Newest Princess Liu Yifei (Mulan)

She’s about to become a household name with the release of Disney’s live action adaptation of Mulan but where did Liu Yifei come from, and where have you possibly seen her before? If you’re new to Asian cinema, then chances are this could be the first, possibly second if you’re a Nicholas Cage fan, time… Read More »

The Divine Fury: Exorcise This! (Korea 2019) | Seo-joon Park | Horror

An MMA fighter discovers he is a stigmata. At the same time, a Vatican endorsed exorcist realises he needs more help in killing demons. When they meet, sparks fly! Not literal sparks – its not that kind of movie. This strangely well-liked-by-the-public and well-hated by critics movie clocks in at over 2 very long hours,… Read More »

DATA GEMS: What is a ZCTA? Making Sense of Census Geography

[MUSIC] Hello, my name is David Kraiker. We often get questions about what we call a “ZCTA” – a zip code tabulation area. So today I’m going to explain to you the difference between a zip code and a zip code tabulation area, so just follow me. Okay, so a ZCTA is a zip code… Read More »