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Using AdWords callout extensions

Do you offer Free Returns? Next Day Delivery? 24 hour customer service? Then let your customers know! With callout extensions, you can easily add this kind of additional information to your ads. The Callout extension is one of many AdWords ad extensions you can use to show your business’ added value with your ad. Callout… Read More »

Create a TrueView video campaign in AdWords

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: Google AdWords TrueView video ads can help you reach customers on YouTube and across the web. You can create and manage TrueView campaigns right in AdWords, and control where they appear, when they run, and who sees them. With TrueView video ads you can reach just the right audience by targeting your… Read More »

Using Keyword Planner in AdWords

Hi its Kathleen from AdWords Having the right keywords is the key to getting your ads to show on relevant searches. But what if you’re not sure which ones to choose? That’s where Keyword Planner comes in. This free AdWords tool can help you build or expand your Search Network campaigns. Keyword Planner makes it… Read More »